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    As a homeowner, the last thing you need to worry about is your plumbing. But when something goes wrong and is beyond your control, you need an experienced, and reliable plumber company to take care of the issue quickly and thoroughly so it doesn’t create a bigger problem.

    Here at Wallsend Plumber, we pride ourselves on offering fast, competitive, and reliable plumbing solutions. Being in the business for 17 years, we are highly regarded to be the leading plumbing company in North Shield, United Kingdom. Homeowners throughout Jarrow, South Shields, Whitley Bay, Wallsend, Cramlington, and Gosforth have relied on our professional services to get the job done right!

    Our plumbing experts have the extensive knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment needed to handle any plumbing problems. Above all, we provide quality professional work from start to finish. Wallsend Plumber will solve all your plumbing problems while exceeding your unique expectations. 

    Our Wide Range of Services

    We offer 24-hour plumbing services, allowing our professional and courteous team to assist you whenever you need us. 

    Sink Repair

    The sink is an important feature of every bathroom and kitchen. Using them every day makes them vulnerable to getting clogged drains. Having a leaking or clogged sink causes a major inconvenience as it gets in the way of your household routine especially when this plumbing fixture is not properly functioning. 

    You may need to repair it immediately or sometimes you may need to replace your entire sink to avoid bigger and more costly repairs. Our technicians at Wallsend Plumber are ready to assist you whether it’s a new sink installation as part of our sink repair services. 

    Tap Installation and Tap Repair

    Dealing with a tap problem that needs immediate fixing? Wallsend Plumber can install, repair, and replace a wide range of bathroom taps and even other taps in the interior or exterior of your home. From installing a new mixer tap for the kitchen, repairing leaking bathroom taps to replacing faulty taps in the garden, our team at Wallsend Plumber is ready to respond to your tap problems professionally.

    We’ve been installing and repairing taps inside, and outside, North Shield homes for 17 years. Our professional team of plumbers can be with you the same day to repair your faulty taps or fit new taps. Our uniformed plumbers carry top-of-the-line equipment and material (including tap washers) to tackle even the most intricate tap problems. 

    Soil Stack Repair & Renewal

    A soil vent pipe takes all the waste product coming from the bath, toilet, sink, basin, and all other types of soil materials to a designated drain. Usually, it can be found externally but there are vents positioned above the house or commercial building in a safe way to prevent unwanted gasses and fumes from filtering back inside your home.

    Oftentimes, the reason why having horizontal waste pipe blockage is mainly because of non-flushable products including wet wipes, or even common culprits of oil, grease, and fat. Meanwhile, vertical soil stack pipes may also be clogged through these items and also due to uratic salt build-up. This will lead to creating scale and narrowing the soil stack pipe’s diameter. 

    Blockages due to these waste solid materials are worse at the bottom of a soil stack pipe and if left unattended, it will cause major problems including:

    • Faulty leaks come from the joints of the soil stack pipe.
    • Toilets are clogged and water is not flowing when flushed.
    • Bath and sink not emptying effectively.
    • Dirty water overflows coming from the bottom of the pipe.

    If you notice these signs, do not hesitate to call the experts at Wallsend Plumber. We have extensive years of experience and are knowledgeable in various methods to clean and repair soil stack pipes.

    Radiator Installation

    One of the essential components of a home heating system is a radiator, so you need to seriously maintain the overall health of your radiator. In a gas central heating system, having a substantial amount of components is essential to distribute the heat efficiently to several rooms in your home. When it comes to providing hot air, the radiator is the final step, so it needs to properly work at maximum capacity for it to function efficiently. 

    Radiators can last for some time, but a major factor is trusting the job to the hands of the professional radiator installation and repair. Which is why you need a professional team like the Wallsend Plumber.

    Shower Installation

    Every morning, millions of people wake up and take a hot and fresh shower to start the day. The value of having a relaxing and calm shower can never be overstated. So if you are dealing with problems with your shower that prevent you from having hot water, it’s critical to have them rectified immediately.

    Not being able to get a daily shower is something that you probably don’t want to miss out on. Having a reliable shower that can serve you for many years is a crucial part of every home. That is why, in an unpleasant situation like this, you need to have trusted and reliable professionals ready, who can help you out as soon as possible.

    Our team at Wallsend Plumber ensures to serve our valued clients professionally and promptly.

    Toilet Repair

    The last thing anyone will want to happen to his home is a severe toilet blockage or leak. A malfunctioning toilet can cause trouble to the whole family’s life especially if you are hosting a house party. If that is the case, do not hesitate to call Wallsend Plumber if you have any toilet issues.

    Generally. toilet repairs are not just messy, but a faulty toilet might lead to logistical questions that are hard to deal with. This is true especially if you don’t have any background in house repairs. However, when you have access to a reliable plumber like Wallsend Plumber it can make all the difference in your life anytime your toilet ceases to function well. 

    Being in the business for 17 years, we are pleased to help you with your loo problems swiftly.

    Outside Taps

    An outside tap installed for your garden comes with a lot of valuable benefits in addition to your overall home convenience.

    The majority of seasons require accessible water 24/7 externally, that is why it is recommended to have an outside tap installed in your home. Whether you are washing the car, watering the flowers, or power washing the garage there are so countless benefits of having this feature installed by our professional plumber.

    Outside taps can be installed on any wall that has access to a water pipe in your home. Normally, the commonplace for an outside tap is outside the kitchen window since the sink is positioned nearby on the other side of the wall. This provides easy access to the rising general water pipe. 

    It offers easy access to the tap and high-pressure water since the supply is coming from the mains, and it only requires minimal masonry work. However, if this isn’t the way your home was built, Wallsend Plumber will strategically suggest the best position and options for outside tap installation.

    Wallsend Plumber provides a professional and the go-to plumbing service company in North Shields for 17 years.

    Emergency Plumbing Repair

    Not all plumbing problems can wait, and our world-class plumbing services have been used to rectify any issue professionally and efficiently. Wallsend Plumber is committed to providing excellence at every phase of our plumbing process. With us, you can rest your worry knowing that your plumbing emergency will be solved with minimum inconvenience.

    Our team deeply understands the importance of delivering efficient service promptly especially when an emergency problem arises. Our trained plumbers can service customers across North Shields and neighboring cities, 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Right after receiving your call, we will ensure that our friendly representative will keep on updating you until our professional plumber arrives at your home.

    Whether you need a new radiator installation, clogged sink, or bathroom, we have a team that is always ready to professionally diagnose, inspect and rectify any plumbing problem. 

    Hiring the Professional Plumber Matters!

    Wallsend Plumber is a top reputable plumbing company that caters to North Shields and neighboring boroughs. Most importantly, we will exceed all of your plumbing needs professionally at a competitive price. Likewise, we strive to always provide you with excellent service that will surpass your meticulous expectations.

    Aside from our services, your safety and security matter to us. That’s why our service technicians are insured, uniformed, and completed an extensive background check and drug screening before we hire them. Once employed, we ensure that all of our plumbers are thoroughly trained and qualified to do plumbing works regardless of how big or small the project is.

    Wallsend Plumber continuously provides training sessions to our technicians with the latest in plumbing technology, practices, and state-of-the-art equipment.

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