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A lot of homes are equipped with a forced-air furnace. Other homes, such as older, vintage, and historic homes may be using a radiator and boiler combination for heating. When your radiator needs replacement or installation, trust the professionals at Wallsend Plumber.

Wallsend Plumber is the leading plumbing company in Wallsend, United Kingdom. We proudly serve all residential and commercial areas throughout HeatonWalkergateNorth ShieldsCullercoatsWhitley BayForest HallKillingworthAnnitsford, and Dudley, England.

We also offer sink repair, tap repair, tap installation, soil stack repair and renewal, radiator installation, shower installation, toilet repair, outside taps, and emergency plumbing repair. If you’re looking to get something new installed or replaced, our specialists can help you out.

At Wallsend Plumber, we are experienced in radiator installations including multiple fittings, replacement, and repairs. Our radiator installations are the best in town and they are carried out to give you the best aesthetic look possible. Not much is impossible, so if you need a radiator installation, our professionals can provide you with the service you need. 

Radiator Installation Services

Radiator installation requires the services of a professional plumbing company. Wallsend Plumber covers everything from disconnecting wiring and pipes, removing the old radiator, installing the new unit, to reconnecting the wires, pipes, and gas or oil lines, if applicable.

If you need replacement of existing wiring, pipes, or valves, we also have the credentials to address the installation process from start to finish including any unforeseen problems.

We recommend that if a new radiator is installed, the existing boiler should be inspected to ensure that it can handle the task of a newer and possibly more efficient radiator system. 

Wallsend Plumber’s fully qualified heating engineers have the experience to install brand new energy-efficient radiators and pipework into your property. Our goal is to help you optimize your central heating’s performance and reduce your energy bills.

Our team will give you the peace of mind that the quality and safety of our installation come first, backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and aftercare support. 

Some of our radiator installation services include:

  • One radiator installation
  • Multiple radiator installation
  • Radiator repairs
  • Radiator repositioning
  • Radiator valve installation
  • Power flush
  • Pipework installation
  • Radiator accessories

How do Radiators Work?

Radiators work in a simple process. Steam or circulating hot water prompt the radiator to generate heat. When the water is heated, the radiator gives off heat which in turn warms the air in each room either by convection or radiation.


Once the hot water has made its way to the radiator, it will emit heat into the area. Radiation is a small percentage of the overall heat produced by a radiator.


With this process, the heated air from the radiator rises. When it does, cool air is drawn into the underpart of the radiator. This rising and drawing in motion of the air create vertical currents that evenly disperse heat into a particular area.

If you want your radiator to function properly, it needs clear and unobstructed airflow. The radiator should have ample access for air to travel under, over, and around the unit. Never place curtains, drapes, sheers, or shades in front of the radiator.

If you have a table or other piece of non-solid furniture equipped with legs, the airflow will not be hindered as much. You should still leave several inches between the radiator unit and the non-solid piece of furniture if you choose this option.

Benefits of Radiator Heaters

There are several benefits to having a radiator heater. However, below are some of them.

Radiator heaters are safe.

The main benefit is the level of safety offered to the user. A lot of portable radiator heaters are equipped with a tilt sensor, which cuts the power if a radiator heater is unbalanced or knocked on its side. The heaters also retain heat well, making them ideal for extended use. 

While it’s still not advisable to leave flammable materials draped over the radiator heater surface, it is much less of a fire hazard than other forms of heaters. Lastly, they do not produce any harmful odors, gasses, or chemicals when used, unlike other gas heaters that need ventilation to be installed.

Radiator heaters require less maintenance.

Radiator heaters need less maintenance compared to their competitors. They do not contain any fuels that need replacement and ventilation does not compromise warmth. Make sure that you buy one that has a built-in adjustable thermostat, as this will help prevent wasted heat and lower your overall energy usage.

Radiator heaters are reliable.

The last advantage of the radiator heater is its reliability. If you have plans of installing a radiator in your home, it will last for many years – and in some situations maybe even decades. 

How to Know if Your Radiator Needs Repair

Below are some of the telltale signs that your home radiator needs repair.

Bleeding radiator problems

This does not mean the system has a leak and is shedding water into your home. It is a natural process that happens when your radiator system is not working properly. If you find your radiators are not warming up a room as they should, the chances are there is trapped air inside the radiator that needs to be “bled” from the system. It is an easy job for a professional like Wallsend Plumber on this type of radiator installation project.

Leaking radiators

This is the type of leak that can range from minor to severe. The location of the leak also plays a role in how easy or difficult the repair will be. Between steam radiators and hot water radiators, the steam model of the radiator is easier to repair. However, you need to find the location of the leak.

Next in the radiator installation process, the radiator should be drained the leak area cleaned, and then repaired, if possible. There is no magic product that you can pour into the radiator that can patch, and hold a leak. Our professionals at Wallsend Plumber will advise you of the best approach to repairing or replacing the radiator.

Commercial and Residential Properties

Wallsend Plumber not only installs radiators at residential properties. We also cater to commercial sites such as restaurants, shops, pubs, offices, and other business locations.

If you own a commercial property and require a radiator replacement or installation, then Wallsend Plumber can help. We can work with you to provide quick and efficient service to reduce the amount of disruption the work could cause.

Why Choose Wallsend Plumber for Radiator Installation

Here are some of the reasons why choosing Wallsend Plumber for your radiator installation is the best decision you can make.

Certified and efficient radiator fitters you can trust 

No matter how complicated or simple your radiator issues are, the professionals from Wallsend Plumber will never leave your home cold during winter. Our specialists are insured and certified to ensure your radiators have consistently high performance and comply with the latest legislation.

Our company takes responsibility

You can count on us for a quick, secure, and professional radiator service. We guarantee to provide the service you deserve. All our plumbing professionals are pre-screened, have proven experience, and are driven by the “get the job right, from the first time” attitude. For your peace of mind, we also carry public liability insurance to guarantee you trouble-free service.

We provide more than warmth through our complete radiator service

If you need one-off radiator replacement, multiple radiator installation, or emergency repair, we have a team of fully equipped professionals to assess the situation and find the best heating solution that your property needs.

This also includes all the professional considerations and recommendations to get the best radiator set-up for your property. You can also request our radiator installers to help you fine-tune your radiators to spend less fuel while achieving better results, and saving on energy bills.

We’re always ready to help!

When your radiators are not working in the middle of winter, it can be stressful. So, when your home radiators are in trouble, Wallsend Plumber can help. We are always available 7 days a week and even during bank holidays.

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