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A shower installation is one of the most popular options we offer at Wallsend Plumber and it’s easy to see why. Taking a shower can be done quickly before going to work, you can relax in a stream of hot water before sleeping at night. 

The right shower can take your bath experience to the next level. It can make your bathroom look like a spa retreat. That’s why you need to leave your shower installation to the professionals at Wallsend Plumber.

Wallsend Plumber is the leading plumbing company in Wallsend, United Kingdom. We proudly serve all residential and commercial areas throughout HeatonWalkergateNorth ShieldsCullercoatsWhitley BayForest HallKillingworthAnnitsford, and Dudley, England.

We also offer sink repair, tap repair, tap installation, soil stack repair and renewal, radiator installation, shower installation, toilet repair, outside taps, and emergency plumbing repair. If you’re looking to get something new installed or replaced, our specialists can help you out. 

We provide any service relating to showers. We are chosen by people in different industries such as builders, plumbers, housing companies, and property managers. However, we mostly work for private homeowners who want to upgrade their showers and transform their bathrooms into an inviting haven.

New Shower Installations

One of the most important features in your bathroom is your shower unit. That’s why you deserve one that’s attractive, functional, and a joy to use. If your shower unit is cracked, worn out, or full of grime that no amount of cleaning agent can restore, call the professionals from Wallsend Plumber to fit you out with a modern unit. 

We use our showers daily. Whether you need to have a quick rinse after an activity or to prepare for an important business meeting, our bathroom showers play a vital role in daily life. 

At Wallsend Plumber, we can handle your complete shower installations. Our professionals are ready to come to your home and restore the use of your shower. If you need a shower installation, our team can work on all varieties, shapes, and sizes.

Installing a shower might be more complicated than you can think of. It needs adequate plumbing, a perfect fit, and the right faucets to make everything work together. Furthermore, showers are made from a variety of materials and come in countless shapes and sizes. Our professionals will examine your home and help you make the best shower installation decision based on your plumbing, budget, and style.

We also install shower components, including the following:

  • Stand-alone showers
  • Hot tubs
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Standard bathtubs
  • Whirlpool tubs

Signs You Need a New Bathroom Shower

At Wallsend Plumber, we can help you determine if your shower needs an upgrade. Below are some of the signs that could give you a sense that it’s time to update or upgrade your shower.

Fixtures are broken or leaking

Even if you can’t redesign your bathroom completely, sometimes adding a new shower head or faucet can do the trick. This can improve the functionality of your shower.

When you see leaks from your fixtures even when the water is supposed to be shut off, you may require a replacement. Moreover, if the showerhead is no longer supplying adequate water pressure and you don’t know the reason why our team can fix that for you.

Molds are present

If you notice black or dark green spots on the showerhead or in other areas of your shower, you’ve got to deal with molds one way or another. While your first step is to clean the mold out for your shower, there is a high probability that it will return if the conditions were right for it to grow. Having a redesigned shower with better ventilation can be the long-term solution to this problem.

Shower tiles are chipped or cracked.

Chipped or cracked tiles in your shower are not only unattractive, but they can also be dangerous. You don’t want to get yourself injured because of broken tiles. If you can repair it in an aesthetically pleasing way, it may be better to just replace the entire shower.

The shower door is broken or outdated.

The function of a shower door is to keep water inside your tub or basin. However, it also helps to make the room look nice. When your shower doors are leaking, failing to close, or simply looking outdated, this is a sign to invest in an upgrade.

You don’t like its appearance.

The best excuse to update your shower is because you don’t like its appearance anymore. What may have been a trendy upgrade could look outdated at this point. There are several beautiful shower design options these days and doing a full remodel can yield some wonderful results.

Bathroom Shower Shopping Guide

There are many options to consider and a lot of decisions to make when buying a shower for your bathroom. Below are some of the types of bathroom showers that you may consider.

Prefabricated Shower

If you are on a tight budget, a prefabricated shower is your best choice. As the name implies, a prefabricated shower is self-contained with a preconceived design. It usually comes in a single-piece design, often made of molded fiberglass, plastic, laminate, or another synthetic material.

The single-piece prefabricated shower has all the normal bathroom shower features such as shower panels, shelves, a grab bar, a shower base, and a lot more. A prefabricated shower will usually be a quadrant shower enclosure.

Some of the benefits of a prefabricated shower include its relatively low price, ease of installation, and water tightness. While it is not the most extravagant shower experience, you will still feel clean after taking a bath.

The disadvantage is a lack of options. A prefabricated shower looks plain and simple, as more imaginative shower designs are not one size fits all.

Custom Shower

If you want a customized shower, expect to pay more. However, your money is well worth it in the long run for the ultimate shower experience. Custom showers are usually eco-friendly and longer-lasting. They also add more value to your home than a prefabricated shower. 

A custom shower is built from scratch in your bathroom. It’s unique and is designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.  Your options for a custom shower are limitless. You can choose from various design options to create a bathroom shower that’s different from any other. 

Shower Types

The main category for bathroom shower types relates to the mixer. The shower mixer is the device that combines hot and cold water together. It is also responsible for the control of specific water pressure.

Manual Mixer Shower

A manual mixer shower is the traditional type of shower valve. This type of mixer shower is still seen in the majority of home bathrooms today.

It mixes hot and cold water together every time you shower. You just simply move the valve controls to decide upon a specific temperature.

Manual mixer showers are not only easy to use, but they’re also relatively simple to install. This is also the most affordable shower valve to choose from.

Thermostatic Mixer Shower

If you have small children, you should consider a thermostatic shower. This is the best way to maintain the perfect water temperature during the entire duration of your shower. 

A thermostatic valve controls the temperature of the water each time you shower. To use this feature, simply set it to your desired temperature, and each shower will have a constant temperature. This is also easier on your shower pump.

This shower system prevents scalding. It is safe for a household with small children, as well as the elderly. However, you need to know the exact preferred water temperature for each member in the household.

Thermostatic mixers with a digital control panel are often called “digital showers” as you are not manually controlling the temperature, but instead delegating to an internal control system.

Electric Shower

Unlike their counterparts, electric showers don’t need a hot water supply. As long as there’s a cold-water supply, you’re good to go. Electric showers contain a built-in heating unit to heat cold water. 

Electric showers are a good choice when remodeling a home basement since they don’t need to be connected to a hot water supply. However, electric showers are not the most energy-efficient since they need more energy to heat up the cold water supply.

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