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Does your Wallsend toilet bring you trouble? Whether you need toilet installation, repair, or replacement, Wallsend Plumber has the team you need to get the job done right. Our plumbing specialists are expertly trained to deliver the long-lasting solutions that you need to keep toilet problems at bay.

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We also offer sink repair, tap repair, tap installation, soil stack repair and renewal, radiator installation, shower installation, toilet repair, outside taps, and emergency plumbing repair. If you’re looking to get something new installed or replaced, our specialists can help you out. 

When you’re looking for toilet repair services in Wallsend, look no further than Wallsend Plumber for the top-quality service you need. Call us to schedule toilet services in your home today!

Professional Toilet Repair in Wallsend

If your toilet won’t stop running or it has a persistent blockage, our team at Wallsend Plumber can handle it. There’s no toilet repair request too tough for our team to handle. Our plumbing technicians have more than 17 years of experience resolving even the most stubborn toilet troubles, such as:

  • Persistent clogs
  • Running toilets
  • Leaking toilets
  • Flush valve failure
  • Flange failure
  • Broken flappers
  • Toilet gasket malfunction

Whatever is the root cause of your toilet repair, we have a team of professional plumbers to help you. 

Toilet Repairs You Can Trust

A toilet is a simple machine. However, it must have perfectly working parts to work as intended. A broken toilet is nothing but an inconvenience. It can leak and cause damage to your bathroom and surrounding areas. Even if your toilet seems to be working, it could still have functional issues that can affect your water bills.

Wallsend Plumber is ready to come to your home, inspect your toilets and ensure they are in perfect working condition. If you think your toilet is broken, don’t hesitate to call one of our highly-trained plumbers to help. Doing this can prevent catastrophic failure and even lower your water bills.

Signs that Your Toilet Needs Repair

The toilet is a vital part of your household and is the most important part of your plumbing system. If the toilet malfunctions and needs repair, it can be a large inconvenience that can disrupt your daily life. 

Below are the following signs that will tell you that your toilet needs immediate repairs.

Suction and Gurgling Noises

Pay close attention to any gurgling or suctioning noises each time you flush your toilet. Check noises coming from your bathroom fixtures, such as the sink or shower. If your drain vents are blocked, the reason is these noises. 

Sewer gases cannot escape through vents, so the gases go through the other fixtures and create noises. Make sure to check this since it is a sign of drain blocks.

Constant Clogging

Bathroom clogging is a normal scenario and you can fix it using a plunger. However, if the clogging occurs more than once a week, your toilet may have an underlying issue. A faulty part or a severe blockage in your plumbing may be the cause. You will need professional help to address the issue.

Faulty Flushing

Do you need to flush several times just to finish the job? Is your toilet capable of making a single flush? There is likely an issue with the mechanism that handles your flushing, and you are wasting water by letting it continue. 

Faulty flushing can also be a sign of other toilet problems, like clogged water jets and low water pressure. Again, this issue needs to be addressed by a professional plumber.

Rusty Metal Parts

Always check your toilet’s metal components. When you see rust or corrosion, it means that the part is worn out and will need a replacement. Any corrosion, wear, or rust that spreads throughout the different parts means that you should consider replacing the entire toilet.

Toilet Leaks

The most serious symptoms of a malfunctioning toilet are leaks. When this happens, you need to act as soon as you see them. Leaks can create bigger issues, like water waste, mold, and structural damage. When you see water forming around the toilet base, it’s the result of the broken seal that you can replace immediately. When something heavy falls on the toilet, check the bowl or look for any cracks in the porcelain.

Signs You Need a New Toilet

You always rely on your toilet daily. However, you probably don’t think much about it until something goes wrong. Just like other major appliances in your home, your toilet will probably need to be replaced after years of use. Here are the signs that it’s time to call us to install a new toilet.

Cracks in the Tank

If you frequently see a puddle of water around your toilet, this could be more than a simple leak. You could have cracks in your tank, and the toilet may need to be replaced. Our plumbers can help you determine if it’s an issue that can be repaired. If the toilet appears to be working properly, but there is still water around the bottom of it, that could mean there are cracks in the bowl.

Old Toilet

Regardless of whether your toilet is working properly, if you had the same one for many years, you should consider replacing it. Older toilets are likely to be less efficient compared to new ones. This means that they could be driving up your water bill. Advancements made in the past few years have resulted in toilets that use significantly less water. 


If your toilet wobbles or rocks, it is not normal. When your toilet is unsteady, call our plumbers to evaluate the problem. While it could be a simple issue of tightening some bolts, it could also mean that the floor underneath is damaged or rotting and you’ll need to have it professionally repaired.

Fixing It Often

If you need to call a plumber several times in the past few years to have your toilet repaired, it may be a sign to buy a new one. It will likely save you money in the long run.

Round Bowl

There is nothing wrong with a round bowl. However, replacing it with an elongated model is worth considering. These bowls tend to be more comfortable than round ones since they allow for more seating room. An elongated bowl stays cleaner and allows fewer odours to escape. 

Your Toilet Repair in Few Simple Steps

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Understand Your Toilet Repair Needs

Before repairing your toilet, one of our plumbers will speak with you about the situation so we can ensure to provide you with the best solution for your home.

Get the Right Pricing

Before we begin on your toilet repair or replacement, we will provide you with an upfront and accurate price estimate. We’ll never start a job without ensuring you’ve signed off on the scope and the price tag.

Leave the Work to Us

Whether you need a minor toilet repair or a total replacement, we’ll do our best to provide you with good service as soon as possible.

Why Choose Wallsend Plumber

At Wallsend Plumber, we are dedicated to helping each of our customers overcome whatever toilet troubles stand in their way. That means offering exceptional service from start to finish, providing each of our valued customers with the following unique benefits:

Emergency Plumbing Services

We understand that toilet repairs can pop up at the most inconvenient moments. That’s why we’re happy to offer 24-hour emergency toilet repair throughout Wallsend, United Kingdom.

Free Consultation

Our team always provides a free, 20-minute plumbing service consultation to help you understand the options available to you.

Upfront Pricing

You won’t have any price shock when dealing with our team since we always provide you with upfront, honest pricing ahead of every job we perform.

Clear Communication

We provide clear, consistent, communication to keep you well-informed about all of our plumbing services.

On-time Arrival

Punctuality is one of our best traits. We provide on-time service every time with our team of professional technicians.

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